Session Donations 寄付料金

This first rate section is for JAPANESE SESSIONS ONLY.  I am not yet fluent in Japanese so the discount is something of a practice session rate.  Bilingual Japanese/English clients are ideal.

Scroll down for English session rates.


日本語キャンペーン (この値段は日本語だけ話のセッション、トレーニングレート)

抱き合うセッション (セックスエネルギー抜きです、服を着る, タントラと関係ありません)

ウエブセッション1時間                         ¥10,000

Life*Love*Tantra Coaching by Skype, Line or other WEB VIDEO CAM

直接セッション 2時間                          ¥30,000

2 hours in person face to face sacred intimacy session  (Hotel space not included)

直接セッション 90分セッション ホワイトタントラ*           ¥10,000 


White Tantra Session (clothed bonding exercises, 7 chakra clearing/healing, energy exercises, coaching, meditation).

人生コーチング特訓  ロングコース

  15時間 (1日連続や3ヶ月の間の予約でできます)       ¥184,260.30 

10.21% 所得税                             18,813


English Session Rates                                  

Clothed Cuddling Session or White Tantra Sessions (non genital, non sexual energy session, cuddling is not actually Tantra per se, but definitely activates the heart chakra)
10,000 JPY, $100/hr


WEB COACHING/TEACHING UNIT       1 HOUR                                         

20,000JPY/ 150 USD

CUDDLE/HEALING SESSION 20,000 YEN (not related to Tantra or Tantric teachings)

Life*Love*Tantra Coaching by Skype, Line or other

TANTRA                  2 HOUR                                                                              50,000JPY/200USD

2 hours in person face to face sacred intimacy session  (Hotel space not included)

WHITE TANTRA 90 MINUTES                                                                          25,000/250 USD

White Tantra is clothed, chakra clearing exercises, guided meditation, lessons in energy that do not include sacred intimacy or focus on specific body parts.


approximately 15 hours of contact/session time can be used in one day or distributed through your own schedule over 3 months.                                         

284,260.30JPY/  $2500USD (+$255.25 Japan Tax)

Japan 10.21% tax ¥29,023

travel to Narita                                                       5000JPY

in person cafe screening/deposit drop               5000 JPY

hotel/bullet train/airline expenses

are not included in the rates above and must be covered in advance by the client

meals, accommodations are negotiated, but usually covered by the client.

50-100% due in order to initiate sessions