Gaijin Pot Classifieds: You received an inquiry on your Tantra Life Coaching and Massage ad

I’m excited to wake up to an email enquiry from a potential female client this morning.   The last I checked it was still pending.  Craigslist flags all my ads, even my personals ads where I am genuinely looking for a person to date not do Tantra sessions with.  I really cannot understand what the basis for flagging is except that once someone decides to do it, it can’t be reversed.  They’ve since taken their personals section out since the closing of Backpage so it has been quite challenging to find a website that doesn’t flag you for indecency right away, even though there are so many more indecent things on Craigslist to flag.  I had some ads posted in skilled labor and lessons sections but if I ever include my photo, it definitely gets flagged, so I did not do that this time.  I used the dual energy of Shiva (masculine and feminine, light and dark) image in this post.  I want true Tantra seekers to enquire on my ads anyway.  Those people that are just looking for an escort will be very disappointed with my sessions and how much detail goes into what I do to prepare for your (1)

Her email Q: “What exactly do you do?  What happens in a sessions?”

Mariko A:
I am based in Meguro, near Komazawadaigaku station.  Sessions can look like 2 people sitting on the ground and doing energy exchange activities and/or guided meditation.  It can also look like a massage or cuddle session.  And thirdly it can look like full body internal healing of past trauma (including sexual trauma).  Would you like to talk on skype about your interest later today?

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