Japanese Summer Mating Calls 蝉の求愛

The cicada waits under the soil for 17 years sipping the sap from trees until finally one summer of their 17th birthday they are ready to get their wings!  In Japan you can hear the song of the cicada 蝉(せみ)in some places where there are deciduous trees it is actually louder than the human voice. This is the sound of the male cicada calling out to the female in its last 6 weeks of life on earth, ready to mate and produce millions of eggs to fertilize the soil again.  It’s actually a miraculous process if you think about how many insects are actually growing under the earth at every given moment and how many are in the trees now.  Millions, non countable like the stars.  What is YOUR mating call?  What calls YOU in to a potential partner?  Is it eye contact? (rare in Japan) clothing? acts of service? a social media LIKE on one of your posts?   If you tune into the vibation of the cicada mating song, meditate and vibrate with it, energize your OWN MATING CALL to it, this is ecosexuality in one form.  Being one with the sexuality and greatness of the miracle of nature.  Check out my Tantra Tokyo Love Facebook Page post on this subject ( you might have to scroll down until you see my blue lips in a video) here.1532431172848

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